Don’t let wind ambush kayak position

Jeff Little tells you how to keep fishing in even the worst conditions

Fish and Wildlife Service Bans Fishing Tackle

Sportfishing Industry Angered by Last-Minute USFW Director’s Order

Bending Branches: Power Kayak Fishing!

Don't pinch pennies when it comes to your paddle power tips Chris Funk

KFVM9: Swamp Draining Extreme Kayak Fishing!

Watch Chris Funk deep in the swamp, Robert Field everywhere and Jeff Little out every day


Wilderness Systems sponsors top 2017 tournaments


Wilderness Systems is fueling anglers’ competitive edge as the fishing kayak manufacturer has stepped up to sponsor the world’s largest freshwater and saltwater kayak fishing tournaments in 2017, including the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship and Louisiana’s famed Ride the Bull event. “Wilderness Systems is dedicated to promoting, strengthening and growing the kayak fishing community,” […]

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Robert’s tournament tips score kayak cash!


By Robert Field The competitive kayak fishing scene has exploded in recent years, and with paydays beginning to reach six figures, that trend will only continue. That means many of you reading this are either already fishing tournaments or looking to start competition kayaking and are ready to score kayak cash! Between competing in, organizing […]

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Bending Branches: Power Kayak Fishing!


“Like a lot of folks, I bought my first kayak, spent a lot of money on my first kayak and then went and tried to find the cheapest paddle I could find.” So says Chris Funk in the intro to this kayak fishing paddling tip, which is really more about the fact you can’t get […]

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Don’t let wind ambush kayak position


Does anyone who doesn’t have a job fishing put in as much time on the water as Jeff Little? The avid kayak fisherman has been known to launch on ice to get to open water and pretty much goes out in any condition that is minimally fishable.  Speaking of taking kayak fishing to the extremes, wind is […]