Kayaker Crashes San Diego Bass Tournament

Tony Souza claims the big money in his little boat

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An 'overweight' kayak angler confronts his hoarding habits

The Kayak Bass Fishing Majors

Bassin' for Big Money

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Kayaker Crashes San Diego Bass Tournament


BY MIKE STEVENS The San Diego Anglers Open Bay Bass Tournament started off as an informal club-tourney, and over the last two decades has evolved into a serious competition (while maintaining its fun roots) complete with heavy-hitting sponsors and legit media coverage. Fishing was tough at this year’s event, with the bite shutting down across […]

Caught on Film

Video: An Unintended Swim with a Shark


"As I went over, I knew the tuna was a goner. This time, I was concerned about my safety," said Jasper Pons, who wound up in the water with a revved up shark.

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The Monster Kayak Fish Stories of 2014


In 2014, a kayak angler broke the 1,000-pound fish barrier. Then there were all the new ‘yaks and sharks. Our top ten Kayak Fish stories of 2014.

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Daiwa’s New Ardito Travel Rods are Perfect


If you are traveling with a kayak, you can take as many rods you want. If not? That’s when a quality travel rod such as the Daiwa Ardito-TR is a trip-saver.