Final episode, second take on Pacific Warriors


New gear is the big news as the final season of Discovery’s Pacific Warriors airs tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific and 9 p.m. Central. One of the innovations has Isaac literally joining forces with his partner to turn their kayaks into a catamaran with a ton of storage space for a big catch…if they […]

Caught on Film

Hoover scores insane kayak frog footage


What’s the biggest rush in kayak fishing? Bass fishing? Hell any kind of fishing? This vote goes to a big ol’ bass blowing up on a frog fished over a mat of reeds. It’s not just that the bite is spectacular — sometimes the take is a simple slurp. Or sometimes it’s a monster explosion […]

Editor's Pick

Kayakers teach stranded pelican to fish


Feeding wild animals is usually the last thing you should do, but when a storm separated a young great white pelican from its flock, it ended up at a kayaking fish camp along the shores of Tanzania. The bird quickly became part of the crew. The fishermen did their best to teach the stranded pelican […]

Tip Of The Week

Creative Kayakers Utilize Creek Access


Creative Access Point: Creeks By Jeff Little At the age of 14, I got shot with rock salt for fishing where I shouldn’t have. I can still feel the burning sensation of the lower sections of my calves being sprayed as I ran away, holding rod and tackle box. In my mid 20’s I completed […]