Inaugural Sailfish Smackdown


Coweta, Oklahoma is a long way from the salt. That didn’t stop firefighter Chris Thomas from dreaming big, really big. Billfish big.

Caught on Film

Caught on Film: Surf Landing Techniques with Jim Sammons


Ready for the hard part? Launching through surf is easy. The worst crashes come on the dismount.

Editor's Pick

Joel Herranz Lotilla showed us how to live, and die


By Paul Lebowitz Bill Pennington is misty eyed. The first owner of the NorCal Kayak Anglers Internet forum is thinking back on 2004, when a few rugged individualists who paddle small boats on a rough, cold ocean became a community. “Joel is the sole reason we are here today. Years ago, he calls me. ‘Hey […]

Tip Of The Week

Fly-Tying Skirt Saver


Use fly tying tools to make that fussy job of tying on jig skirts go down easy.