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Topwater Redfish On A Windy Day

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Adrian Tuck’s one-meter barramundi


Mission: To catch a barramundi over one meter in length Angler: Adrian Tuck When: September 2014 Location: Ross River (freshwater), Townsville, Australia Rig: Shimano Sustain 3000, Shimano Raider Barra Flickstick 5-8 kg Shimano Chronarch CI4+ 150HG, GLoomis GL2 10-to 20-lb. baitcaster Bait & Line: 2O-lb. Power Pro, 40-lb. Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon leader; Rapala X-rap; Stanley […]

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Follow the Food


BY JEFF LITTLE  It had been a good day of fishing, and there was still time on the clock. But I was cold. Hours had passed since my toes had sensation. Pumping my ankles in an attempt to push in some warm blood, I could see my boots moving, but couldn’t feel the joint rotating. “Hey man, […]

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Topwater Redfish On A Windy Day


By Michael Harris So you’ve pulled up to your favorite flat, the wind is howling, the water level is high and off color, and the skies are cloudy. Your chances of sight-casting to skinny-water redfish are slim to none.  Don’t let less than ideal conditions throw you off your game. Grab your drift sock and […]