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Back pedaling! New Kayak Review

Wilderness Systems Radar 115 is the Editor's Pick for Top New Kayak Concept

Pokemon! Go…Fishing For Peacock Bass

Rex DelRey takes us on a guided hunt for real life Pokemon


Brazos Bass, SUP Sailfish Headline KFVM


By Rich Holland The best fishing video magazine in the paddle sports world has done it again with the debut of KFVM6, mixing high productions values with on the water guerilla photography from some of the top kayak fishermen – and women – across the globe. The latest issue of Kayak Fish Video Magazine starts […]

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Pokemon! Go…Fishing For Peacock Bass


By Rex DelRey DeGuzman In all fairness, I think it’s actually cool that kids (and grown-ass people) are out and about chasing these Pokemons with their phones. Getting outdoors and a little exercise is always a great thing. On the other hand, you’re still viewing life through a screen. Many people’s reality has become “virtual”, […]

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Kayak skills: Don’t flip out, brace yourself!


By Jeff Little The most common question I hear about a kayak from customers attending paddle shop demo days is “How stable is it?” The fear of flipping drives many kayak anglers to buy a boat that is much wider than it needs to be. There’s nothing wrong with wide kayaks. They are great for […]

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Kayak Flippin’ For Big Bass


By Josh Duke Based on what part of the country you fish in, flippin’ might be something you do all the time or not at all. Living in Florida there are certain times of the year I only bring flipping sticks with me on the kayak. In this article I will share some of my […]