Drag Adjustments Help Land Kayak Fish

Drag Nab It! Set the drag wrong and the fish is gone

Swimming with tiger sharks

John 'Masta P' Pestana has been diving with Oahu's tigers since he was 5

KFVM7 packs kayak fishing adventure, action!

Lineup Features Top Kayak Anglers, Exotic Destionations


KFVM7 packs kayak fishing adventure, action!


Looking for kayak fishing adventure? Look no farther than KFVM7, the latest issue in our regular series of a selection of short videos¬†¬†from the top anglers and paddlers around the world. This issue features fantastic action videos from Robert Field, Kevin Nakada, Chris Funk, Brooks Beatty, Jameson Redding and James McBeath, while Rex DeGuzman offers […]

Featured Catch

Funk Finds Fun Kayak Fly Fishing


Kayak Fly Fishing Video by Chris Funk “Hey they’re not the biggest fish I have ever caught, but they sure as heck were a lot of fun!” That’s how Jackson Fishng Team Member and KayakFishMag.com’s Chris Funk describes a day of fly fishing from his kayak. Sit back and enjoy.

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Swimming with tiger sharks


By Rich Holland KayakFishMag.com Editor A shape looms far away in the deep blue water and grows larger and as you realize the approaching fish is a tiger shark it continues to grown in size until the broad head and wide grin of the shark are right in your face, so close that a remora […]

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Drag Adjustments Help Land Kayak Fish


By Jeff Little My Instagram feed tells the same story I live out each Saturday: shots of fish in the net, arm’s length selfies with vertically held fish, grip n grins and release shots. As vivid and beautiful these memories are to each of us, somehow they aren’t the moments in time that we recall […]