A Decade as a Pro: Dean Thomas


Has it only been ten years? Dean ‘Slowride’ Thomas is so well identified with Wilderness Systems that it seems like he’s been with the company forever.

Caught on Film

The Fish Gods Dunketh and Rewardeth


Nesbitt chucks the net one way, and falls into the drink the other. This action culminates with an instant classic, an inadvertent kayak fishing selfie.

Editor's Pick

What Makes for a Kayak-Specific Rod?


What makes a kayak rod? Kevin Nakada covers the basics. Hints: a short butt for fishing while sitting down is a good place to start.

Tip Of The Week

Cut Up: Why I Bought a First Aid Kit


As soon as I felt the knife tip skip over the bone and cartilage in the knuckle of my thumb I knew I had screwed up.