Kayak Fishing Participation is Growing Fast


Kayak fishing participation is booming. North American anglers took more than 38 million kayak fishing outings last year. That’s a lot of floating plastic.

Caught on Film

The 2013 Makahiki Pro Champ Talks


In 2013, after chasing Andy Cho for five years, Chris Paglinawan broke through. The Makahiki Pro champ spoke to Kayak Fish about his big win.

Editor's Pick

East Coast Kayakers Survive Great White Strike


Two women kayakers off Plymouth, Mass. were knocked into the water when a shark bit one of their boats.

Tip Of The Week

Cut Up: Why I Bought a First Aid Kit


As soon as I felt the knife tip skip over the bone and cartilage in the knuckle of my thumb I knew I had screwed up.