Overfished Species Bounce Back

Delisting could mean longer seasons for gag grouper, haddock, albacore and more

5 Kayak Fishing Tournament Tips

It’s tournament time


Overfished Species Bounce Back


By Jerry McBride Most kayak fishermen possess too much self-preservation and common sense to take on a giant bluefin tuna, or the willingness and stamina to haul electric reels out deep enough to dredge a snowy grouper or golden tilefish off a 600-foot-deep ledge. However, those are just three of the species the National Oceanic […]

Caught on Film

Video: An Unintended Swim with a Shark


"As I went over, I knew the tuna was a goner. This time, I was concerned about my safety," said Jasper Pons, who wound up in the water with a revved up shark.

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Follow the Food


BY JEFF LITTLE  It had been a good day of fishing, and there was still time on the clock. But I was cold. Hours had passed since my toes had sensation. Pumping my ankles in an attempt to push in some warm blood, I could see my boots moving, but couldn’t feel the joint rotating. “Hey man, […]

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5 Kayak Fishing Tournament Tips


By Jeff Little The ice is gone. It’s tournament time. While many weekend kayak anglers simply sign up in order to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow fishermen, serious competitors strategize to win. Matt Eikenberg, the 2014 Mid Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Series Angler of the Year, explains his successful approach to competition. While Eikenberg’s […]