Extreme Kayak Fishing Adds to Historic Year


Ridiculous. Sailfish, wahoo and cobia catches put a capper on a year of crazy Extreme Kayak Fishing competition.

Caught on Film

The 2013 Makahiki Pro Champ Talks


In 2013, after chasing Andy Cho for five years, Chris Paglinawan broke through. The Makahiki Pro champ spoke to Kayak Fish about his big win.

Editor's Pick

Troubleshooting Missed Swimbait Swings


By Jeff Little In the first 25 minutes on the water, I had landed seven smallmouth, five of which were 18 inches or greater. Each one blasted a five-inch swim bait in current so fast, I was only guessing where the micro eddies might be. Actually, I was just straining water and getting lucky. The […]

Tip Of The Week

Tie and Tie Your Knots Again


Fishing line is the one link between us and the prize and way too often we take it for granted.