Realtree Edition Kilroy on Target

Stealthy kayak comes with Realtree's Max-5 camo cover, several other hunting features

Jackson Kayak is introducing a Realtree camo Kilroy.

Jackson Kayak is introducing a Realtree camo Kilroy.

By Paul Lebowitz

Wrapping a Kilroy in camo just feels right.

Jackson Kayak’s sit-in sportster is getting a stealthy new option, a camouflage coat from Realtree utilizing the company’s popular Max-5 product. It breaks up the Kilroy’s silhouette. Ducks will never see it coming. Waterfowlers will want to give the Realtree Edition Kilroy a close look. Vinyl deck treatments by CamoWraps complete the package.

“We’ve transferred the wonderful performance, storage, comfort and organization offered by the Kilroy into the waterfowler’s arsenal of hunting tools,” Jackson Kayak Product Manager Damon Bungard said in a release.

Jackson didn’t stop at the wrap – the Realtree Edition Kilroy ($1,799) is the most hunting-friendly design I can remember. It comes with a removable decoy bag and a slip-on camo seat cover to hide it when the hunter’s out of the boat. The fitted blind system has custom zippered panels that allow gear and deck access, or make room for a dog.

“The kayak hunting market is growing with a passionate following, so we wanted to partner with a boat manufacturer that exhibits the same innovation, love for the outdoors, and corporate and family values as Realtree,” said Kyle Pelletier, Licensing Account Manger for Realtree parent company Jordan Outdoor Enterprises. “We are proud to put our name on the Kilroy and believe this kayak showcases the fact that both companies prize innovation, are building on a history of developing game-changing products and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to being made in the USA.”

The Realtree Edition Kilroy

The Realtree Edition Kilroy

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