Big Bass Escapes — Or Does It?

Chasing a personal best bass in Texas, a big bass escapes

By Robert Field

On the trip captured in this video, I traveled to a North Texas lake with one goal: to land my first double-digit bass.

The first day started off about as well as it could have with bites on the Exide worm right off the bat and a healthy 8 pounder in the boat just 30 minutes into the morning.

A great start, but the mission was far from accomplished. Later that day I hook a fish in a brush pile and the big bass escapes when it breaks off my worm rig.

I just know it was the biggest bass of my life. We’ve all heard those stories, and they’re often met with great skepticism.

Well, this time, I found proof of just how big the one that got away really was.

Watch the excerpt from my full video to find out how, and then go to my YouTube channel and watch all the great bass fishing action on this awesome Texas lake and find out if I get a chance to redeem myself.

Spit in the eye on a Texas lake! A big bass escapes as it breaks off Robert Fields' worm rig. Photo Robert Field

Spit in the eye on a Texas lake! A big bass escapes as it breaks off Robert Fields’ worm rig. Photo Robert Field

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