Jim Sammons’ 50-Pound Kayak Dorado

In July 2006, kayak fishing personality Jim Sammons hooked an enormous dorado offshore Hotel Punta Colorada in Baja's East Cape.

In July 2006, kayak fishing personality Jim Sammons hooked an enormous dorado offshore Hotel Punta Colorada in Baja’s East Cape. Photo courtesy Jim Sammons.

Jim Sammons’ 50-Pound Kayak Dorado
By Mike Stevens

As the host of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons on WFN, an accomplished
kayak fishing guide, and owner of La Jolla Kayak Fishing, Jim Salmons was no stranger to posing for photos of big-game fish on his lap when he scored this kayak dorado that weighed in at well north of 50 pounds back in July 2006.

Now a household name in ‘yak fishing, Sammons wasn’t necessarily targeting dodos that day in Baja’s East Cape, but he was after anything of size that was willing to bite. He has a lot of experience in the area from guiding trips to Rancho Leonero, and noted that tuna, marlin, sailfish and dorado are typically in his crosshairs when he paddles out in those parts. This particular fish was hooked just off the beach in front of the Hotel Punta Colorada which is also in southern Baja.

Video of Sammons’ 50-pound dorado shot in 2006, in the days prior to the proliferation of action cameras.

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to rigging when Sammons fishes the East Cape, and in this case, it was simply 80-pound braid as the main line spliced to a 40-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader and a live bait hook on the business end.

“This catch is very near the top of my catches from a kayak behind my first couple marlin I would guess,” said Sammons. “As far as I know it is still the biggest dorado caught from a kayak, and my wife and kids were there to see me do it. For the record, this fish pegged a 50-pound scale, and the estimated weight was 65 pounds by everyone that saw it. I settled on 60 pounds for posted weight.”

Purists should note that Sammons hitched a ride offshore via a panga, a small open-topped fishing motorboat – this is an assisted catch.

Sammons has boated over 120 species of fish from his kayak, and as a guide dedicated to introducing new anglers to the sport, he has guided over 40 anglers to their first kayak marlin while on these guide trips in Mexico.

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