Long paddles, Lost portages in Part 3!

Reality of paddling 100 miles hits hard on canoe fishing expedition

Intrepid kayak anglers Robert Field, Rex Del Rey, Ben Duchesney and Mark Vlaskamp continue their rugged journey 100 miles through the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in upstate New York in canoes.

While the guys have had their mental and physical strength tested already in the early stages of the journey, Part 3 of the video series shows the challenges aren’t over. On Day 5, they’ll have to cross Long Lake, a body of water well suited to its name. With big water and constant crosswinds, the crew had to just shut up and paddle to finish the entire crossing in one day.

On Day 6, they’ll endure two more grueling portages before getting lost in Stoney Creek. As they backtrack to find their way, the odds of the canoe fishermen completing the journey on time are rapidly decreasing. 

Watch Episode 3 here: http://bit.ly/Adirondacks_Ep3

Fish are rare during the middle of the 100 mile canoe fishing trip.

Fish are rare during the middle of the 100 mile canoe fishing trip. Long paddles and wayward portages take up most of the time.

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