The CruiserBoard Looks Incredibly Kick-Back and Comfortable

The hottest, newest, and just plain cool and odd from ICAST 2014

The CruiserBoard, possibly the most kick-back SUP going.

The CruiserBoard, possibly the most kick-back SUP going. Photos courtesy CruiserBoard.

By Paul Lebowitz

The ICAST press releases continue to fly hot and heavy. I’m trapped in my office on a beautiful sunny Sunday, not on the water where I belong. Is it any wonder this photo of the CruiserBoard is so appealing?

Those guys are kicking back, looking incredibly relaxed and comfortable on San Diego Bay. All that’s missing are rods in the holders built into the seat. If that were me, I’d waste no time getting bent on spotted bay bass – they’re all over San Diego’s big bay.

Neal Esterly’s press release describes the CruiserBoard as an 11’6” long and 37-inch wide paddlecraft that is versatile and stable. The high profile 3-position chair mounts on a track system called (what else?) CruiserTrack – coolers and other accessories can mount there too. The seat folds up, turning it into a leaning post.

I can’t imagine this is a quick craft, but who cares? With a seat so comfortable, I wouldn’t be going anywhere fast.

The CruiserBoard: L: 11′,6″; W: 37″; 62lbs + 14lb seat; $2,590 with paddle.

This photo of the CruiserBoard isn't here for the fish - it's to show the details of that lofty seat as well as the CruiseTrack.

This photo of the CruiserBoard isn’t here for the fish – it’s to show the details of that lofty seat as well as the CruiseTrack.

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Neal Esterly
July 26, 2014 8:41 am

Thanks Paul, for your write up. It’s fun to see how amazed people are with the CruiserBoard’s stability and how well it paddles. We’ve spent a lot of our careers around boats and the water. For us, it was super important to have a good performing hull. Hope you get a chance to try one out soon!

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