Caught on Film: Sticking a Staging Hog

Nice! 24 inches and change.

Nice! 24 inches and change. Video frame capture.

Caught on Film: Sticking a Staging Hog
By Paul Lebowitz

Caught on Film is a weekly video series featuring fresh footage from you, our fishing friends. Please send us your best and biggest, fresh or saltwater, hook, hoopnet or harpoon, fumbles, fortunes and one-that-got-aways. We’ll select a new clip each week and award each winner with a one-year subscription to the magazine or something else cool pulled from our prize closet. Email for details.

Rocky Ly was pitching a jig in less than five feet of water at an undisclosed 850-acre reservoir east of Atlanta, Geogia when he hit paydirt – a chuck of a staging largemouth. Cleanly done; Ly steered his hog right into the net.

Ly is one of the four founders of the Hmong Kayak Fishing Club and a new Jackson Kayak pro staffer as of last year. He fishes for just about everything out of his kayak but loves little more than catching bass.

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