Thieving Shark Shocks Kayak Angler – Updated

Taxed! An angler known only by the YouTube account name JLD762x39 captured riveting video of a shark surprise.

Taxed! An angler known only by the YouTube account name JLD762x39 captured riveting video of a shark surprise. YouTube frame capture.

Thieving Shark Shocks Kayak Angler – Updated
By Paul Lebowitz

Not since Isaac Brumaghim’s Chompy encounter have we seen shark video this startling.

“Woah!” is right. Jason Downs was fishing for gag grouper two miles off Navarre Beach, part of Florida’s Emerald Coast, when he hooked up this riveting taxation video. The downward angle apparently captured by a head camera shows an incredibly clear view of the shark that chased a hooked fish to the surface.

“I was actually angry at the shark for snatching up my dinner! However, in the complete video you can see when it sank in. I let out a sigh and a [a few choice words]. Afterwards I went to retie my hook and my hands were shaking,” Downs said.

The story doesn’t end there. Downs immediately dropped another bait. Within five minutes, he was enjoying a shark-powered sleigh ride. “He towed me around for about ten minutes,” Downs said. Afterward, he cut the line.

Downs is an avid offshore kayak angler who recently founded a small charter outfit. He typically chases snapper, grouper, and king mackerel, as well as blackfin tuna and mahi mahi when they swim into the area.

“Grouper are perhaps one of my favorite eating fish but due to their tough fighting nature and the fact they live close to structure on the bottom they are tough to get up in a kayak,” Downs added. Even tougher when a shark wants a taste.

Find Downs at his Team Primus Facebook page.

South African kayak angler Jasper Pons pointed us to this video of his showing a similar but far more menacing shark taxation. Like more from Pons? He’s also captured video of a sailfish skying inches from his kayak.

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March 28, 2014 12:15 pm

I know the feeling! same thing happened to me:

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